About Beyond Taos Art Calendar

TaosArtCalendar.com was born out of our own personal need to know what’s happening tonight –  this weekend – in the Taos art community, and around northern New Mexico’s cultural corridor. We wanted it on our iPad and iPhone, quick, easy, no frills, no cumbersome filters or searches. And we wanted a weekly emailed reminder of all art events in the next seven days.

We aggregate the calendars of three of Taos’s most active arts venues: Harwood Museum of Art, Taos Center for the Arts, and SOMOS, the literary society of Taos. Then, we built a fourth door for all Taos artists and galleries to post their events and exhibitions.

While no calendar is ever 100% complete (nor 100% accurate so be sure to check time and place if you’re traveling to Taos for a specific happening), this one comes directly from the sponsoring organizations.

To add your art events, exhibits, and workshops - free! - to TaosArtCalendar, go to the Submit a Listing page and just fill out each field. Be sure to link to the page within your website that describes/reserves your event.

Meet the communities that are part of the BeyondTaos Art Calendar.

About BeyondTaos Blog

Our Blog has been online since 2013. It’s a platform for stories about Taos and northern New Mexico with an emphasis on the cultures and history of this special place – and on Taos artists and on their artwork. A recurring topic in the BeyondTaos Blog is about Taos artists showing their work elsewhere. This is truly an art community, a place where artists live and work. Many Taos artists show and sell their work in art centers around the world.

About the Humans Behind Taos Art Calendar

Webb Design closed in 2015 after 32 years of operation. Now, Perry Peneck and Mary Hanrahan have taken the reigns of the art calendar and given it new, improved functionality. Janet Webb continues to edit the blog. Contact her at editor@BeyondTaos.com

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