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This conversation is about Taos, New Mexico. Taos the art colony, active since 1898. Taos the multi-cultural community located just south of the Colorado border. This blog tells stories about Taos and its creative residents, many of whom are well known beyond Taos. Site editor is Janet Webb.

About Those Twelve Women at Cooper’s Garage

This exhibition presents female artists born in the decade of World War II. Each was art school-trained during the heyday of Abstract Expressionism and came of age during the feminist movement of the 1960s. Each eventually found her way to Taos

Twelve Women Artists

Four Taos collectors present a show of women artists at Cooper’s Garage in Taos. All 12 artists were born in the decade of World War II and trained in art schools across the globe. Each eventually found her way to Taos. Pictured, Dora Dillistone, Sandra Lerner and Alex Benjamin. Photo by Sasha vom Dorp.