Guidelines for Submitting Events

What events are eligible for submission to Taos Art Calendar?
An eligible event for a Taos Art Calendar listing includes: a theatrical or musical performance, a public art show or exhibit, a creative workshop or other forms of artistic and cultural entertainment which may be of interest to people visiting or living in Taos and the northern New Mexico area. Events, exhibitions and workshops can be free or ticketed events, but they must be open to the public.
What’s the difference between an “Event” listing and an “Exhibit” listing?
“Events” are typically one-day or weekend-long events, such as an art opening with a start and ending time or a weekend festival. “Exhibits” are ongoing events with finite start and ending dates (e.g. a month- or year-long gallery or museum exhibition).
How does the submission process work?
Be sure to fill out each applicable field on the form and link to the page within your website that describes your event. After the submission form is completed it is sent to a staff editor for determination of eligibility, as listed above. Once approved, your listing is posted online — typically within 1-2 business days. Taos Art Calendar reserves the right to edit or refuse publication of submitted events.
Why do you need my contact information?
The contact information that you provide will allow us to contact you in the event we require additional information or clarification regarding your event submission. It will not be published online or used by us for any promotional purposes.
Why are some events featured more prominently than others?
Featured listings with large images in the masthead of every event category page are provided to TaosWebb clients at no charge. 

To alter or rescind a previously submitted event, please contact us at or:

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