October 13 - November 30, 2020

Mandy Stapleford – A Nobility of Beasts

Taos: The Encore Gallery of TCA, By appt and online
Mandy Stapleford – A Nobility of Beasts

Mandy Stapleford – A Nobility of Beasts: A Ceramic Narration of Beastial Assemblage
Encore Gallery Hours by appointment. Email info@tcataos.org or mandy@mandystapleford.com

“A Nobility of Beasts” began as a clever narration in clay of collective nouns and transformed into an environmental tribute to our animal kingdom. Mandy has created 27 framed sets of clay animals, grouped by their collective noun names, ie; “A Memory of Elephants.” The series is a sculptural exploration of, and homage to, a wee fraction of the incredible animals we share the earth with. It is a show about connection; of animals to animals, animals to people and all of us to the planet. There’s also a little humor sprinkled in for fun. A limited edition, hardcover book accompanies this series. This show represents the only time these pieces will be exhibited together in one place – able to be seen in person and viewed in order as a collective, as they are in the book. This exhibition also includes larger wall-mounted “Beasties” from Mandy’s imagination.

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