March 7 - April 20, 2020

NEST, a group show

Taos: magpie at Overland Ranch
NEST, a group show

NEST March 7-April 20, 2020
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7th, 5-7pm

magpie is excited to start off the season with our first ever big group show. NEST will feature most of the artists currently represented at magpie as well as many other significant Taos artists, over 40 in total. They will each have one piece included in the show.

Georgia Gersh describes the exhibition: NEST will be the first of three group shows this season, alternating with two-person shows, including two from husband and wife artists. The last three years in the gallery annex at magpie were focused on solo exhibits. While it was wonderful to be able to provide a venue for one artist at a time to be featured, going into magpie’s seventh year, I am excited to accommodate more of our local talent and stir things up a bit. For several years, Maye Torres of Studio107b (who will be included in the show) has referred to this year as Renaissance 2020. I am eager to get on board and enrich the art community as much as possible.

The theme is somewhat obvious as magpie’s tagline is “Wonderful Things for Your Nest.” I am asking my artists to interpret and let this word and all that evokes to inspire them, in many cases to work outside of their familiar subject matter, genre, or even try a different medium. Spring is coming and it is my favorite time to freshen up. Whether it’s a new haircut, sofa, or, most importantly, art, March is the perfect time to emerge from winter and get your twigs in order. I am especially focused this time of year on rearranging, both at the store and at home; tufting, placing each piece just so, creating a cozy, safe, beautiful nest for myself, my family, my artists and, of course, my customers. In focusing on the theme of Nest, there is an opportunity to appreciate the safety and comfort of how we create and reside. It is my hope that in doing so we can emanate comfort and safety around the world. This is going to be a stellar season for art in Taos! image: "Alien Nest" by William Davis

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