October 2 - November 17, 2019

Ofrendas: altars by seven Taos artists

Taos: The Encore Gallery of TCA
Ofrendas: altars by seven Taos artists

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 3, 4 – 6pm

Ofrendas will feature work of seven artists who will create ofrendas, or, altars connected with Dia de los Muertos traditions. The seven artists whose work will be on display are Alex Chavez, Juanita Jaramillo-Lavadie, Ginger Mongiello, Toby Morfin, Katie Woodall and Taos Charter School, Guillermo Rosette, Maye Torres. 

Ofrendas is guest curated by Taos artist and Studio 107B Gallery owner Maye Torres. Torres specializes in large scale drawings and sculpture and has developed a unique style that reflects a global condition through traditional materials. Torres was raised in New Mexico and Latin America and was deeply influenced by their cultures, arts, and spiritual beliefs.

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