August 2 - 4, 2019

The Life's Work of Ted Egri

Taos: Stables Gallery of TCA
The Life

The Life’s Work of Ted Egri
Exhibition and Sale from the Artist’s Collection
2-4 August 2019, 10-6pm daily
Opening Reception, Friday 2 August 4-6pm
Location: Stables Gallery, 133 Paseo del Pueblo Norte #D, Taos

At this three day pop up exhibition and sale, visitors will have the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive selection of works from the Estate of visionary artist Ted Egri (1913-2010). This diverse collection, some of which have never been available to the public, includes paintings, sculpture and drawings of the artist’s early illustrations, WPA period, figure studies, Taos Pueblo inspired works and Taos Modern imagery.  Memorabilia, historical video footage of interviews and recent installations of the artist’s works around Taos will be featured throughout the weekend.
Presented by 203 Fine Art (575.751.1262) and Fine Art Services (575.751.0647).

Biographical information
To summarize a man’s life of 97 years is an impossible task.  Having a glimpse into his thoughts though his creative process reveals profound care for the world and community that surround him.
A connecting flow of rhythm and movement can be seen throughout Ted’s work as he embraced major historical political, social and artistic changes.  Personal involvement in World War II and the Civil Rights Movement shaped his ideology.  His response was direct and emotive as evidenced in his paintings aboard ship and later, powerful sculpture.  He was influenced by but not limited to the artistic movements of social realism, abstract expressionism and minimalism.

As a pioneer and benevolent leader he chose Taos as his home.  Surviving economic hardships, he responded with the gift of teaching and sharing his talents with children and adults in the community.  Establishing the “Taos Moderns” group continued to secure the importance of the growth of the art colony, generating national attention.

Evaluating his life long works of art, the viewer can see the skillful progression of thoughts and experiences of Ted Egri.  The vast confident range of technique causes one to liken his career to a modern Picasso.

Photo by Paul O'Connor

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