April 27 - May 19, 2019

Multi-gallery exhibition: Taos Art Insurgency

Taos: Kit Carson Road
Multi-gallery exhibition: Taos Art Insurgency

For the second year, Taos Art Insurgency poses the questions: Who will be the artists that lead the way for the new millennium? What will be the movements and issues they champion? An opening reception for the artists is scheduled for Saturday May 4, 4:00 to 8:00pm.

The national juried show is spread between three galleries on Kit Carson Road: Greg Moon Art, Wilder Nightingale and David Anthony Fine Art. This year, 29 artists were accepted with a total of 62 artworks. The artists come from 14 states: twelve from New Mexico, two from California, Wyoming and Arizona, four from Colorado and single artists from states throughout the country.






Artists included in Taos Art Insurgency 2019
Jake Davis, photography
Jini Kim, linocuts on paper
Giuseppe Palumbo, bronze sculpture
Debbie Baxter, ceramic sculpture
Kathryn Ver Kulien, earthenware sculpture
Laura Balombini, acrylic on canvas
Monique Belitz, acrylic/ink on paper
Teddy Charlton, oil
Leigh Elliott, oil on board
Christina Harkins, oil
Diane Kell, acrylic on canvas
Carol Mack, acrylic on canvas
David McDougall, acrylic on board
Susan Pasquarelli, watercolor
Andrew Pranger, oil on canvas
Ron Rice, digital art
Christa Stephens, acrylic on panel
Daena Title, acrylic on board
Tahnee Wayne, acrylic on board
Teruko Wilde, oil on canvas
Terry Fiala, digital art
Julie Jablonski, digital print
Michael Spillers, digital print
Rhonda Urdang, mixed media
Howard Weliver, enamel on panel
Debbie Gallerani, mixed media



Artwork pictured:
Leigh Elliott | “Ed At The Cigar Shop” | Oil on Board | |18 x 24 x 1″ | at DAFA
Michael Spillers | “Lady With Herman 3 | Digital art, archival print | 28 x 22” | $800 | at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art
Ron Rice | “Sharp Colors” | Digital Art | 24 x 30 x 2″ | $580 | at Greg Moon Art


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