June 14 - 16, 2019

Morphed, 3-day Assemblage Workshop

Taos: Private studio in Taos, 9:30-4:00pm
Morphed, 3-day Assemblage Workshop

To “morph” is to change, or be changed, in form, appearance, character, structure, nature, or condition. Not a bad description of what we’ll be doing in this 3-day assemblage workshop.

We’ll start by collecting a bunch of bits, a pile of pieces, and whole slew of stuff & nonsense, and then “morphing” it all into an awesome work of assemblage art! While creating a unique sculptural piece, students will be learning to arrange, build, combine, alter, paint, drill, carve, torch, cut, bend, attach, connect, sculpt, and more to all sorts of different materials!?We will teach you how to create fabulous faces and molds, leaf printing, how to use the Dremel, and several techniques to create and re-create unique elements for your assemblage that you just can’t buy or find.

Your creations will be as unique as you are, and as crazy as you dare to be. Half human half duck? Why not? A horse with wings? Too easy! A bird with legs? Bring it on! Nothing is too far out there! Gather up some good old junk, and idea or two & hold on to your knickers, it’s going to be a wild ride! (Sorry, Tom made me add that!)

Tuition: $600

*This workshop is limited to 8 students Cost of the workshop includes 3 full workshop days with 2 instructors. All lunches, snacks,drinks, and most supplies.

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