July 14 - 20, 2019

Ghost Ranch Festival of the Arts, Week Two

Abiquiu: Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, 6 nights/7 days
Ghost Ranch Festival of the Arts, Week Two

Ghost Ranch Festival of the Arts, Week Two
July 14 – 20, 2017

Eleven unique art retreats include room, meals, instruction and all the Ghost Ranch amenities and outdoor activities, $675 to 1540.

Stained Glass: Basics and Beyond with Mary White, Marty Meade
G190723 six nights
Join this five-day introduction to all facets of the stained-glass craft. Combining ancient and modern ways, develop your unique design, then using copper foil assembling processes, glass fusing for texture and paints for detail, build your own glass panel. If your house of worship or community meeting center needs a stained-glass window, use this class to create meaningful art work together. No experience is necessary. Participants ages 14 plus are invited.

Paint the Desert in Oils with Juliana Crownover
G190724 six nights
Oil paint on location the saturated hues of the mesas, the vivid golds of sunsets, and the many reds of O’Keeffe’s hills. Learn how to capture the ever-changing light through value, color, and composition. Each day will include demonstrations, individual instruction, and of course, hours of painting. All levels welcome.

Playing with Fire: Raku Elements with Barbara Campbell
G190725 six nights
The most spontaneous of the pottery disciplines is raku. Work your voice into the clay, tapping into the elements, especially earth and fire. Once the creating is done, we will rush them from the kiln as they burst into flame, producing colors and patterns.

Expansive Watercolor with Pomona Hallenbeck
G190726 six nights
Throw yourself into COLOR with big brushes, on big paper, and exuberant pigments. Expand your creativity beyond the traditional. Anticipate a healthy dose of color theory, design tools and value patterns.

Free Form Mosaics with Kathy Thaden
G190727 six nights
Create a unique mosaic shape! Learn how to form a substrate and mosaic your one-of-a-kind piece with glass, millefiori, beads and more. Learn how to nip and cut glass, grout and finish your piece. Supplies furnished for first mosaic. Most students go on to make another project or two. No experience necessary; open to any over age 16. Begin each day with a brief meditation on creativity.

Weaving Your Story with Rose Vigil
G190729 six nights
Learn all the facets that go into weaving your own tapestry. Research images and symbols, graph out a design, sample fast weaving structures, and then apply them all in your unique creation. Take home a unique storytelling tapestry and the experience of learning from an award-winning weaver from Chimayó.

Sew Happy Service Corps with Ronnie Ashford
G190728 six nights
Join us for 25 hours on ranch-designated sewing projects. Enjoy the beauty of the land, along with the satisfaction of giving back. Prepare to share your talents, your stories, your knowledge, and laughter with friends old and new.

Stone, Shell and Lapidary with Jamie Halpern, Susie Sawin
G1907210 six nights
Learn lapidary and silver-channel inlay construction with semiprecious stones and shell. Hands on studio work will be tied to demos, discussion and guest instructors. Students will leave wearing their own jewelry art. For intermediate and advanced artists in jewelry making and lapidary.

Stone Sculpture: Intro to Hand Carving with Robin Keck
G1907211 six nights
Sculpting stone joins the material and the spiritual. Use files, rasps, saws, and sandpaper to shape soapstone and alabaster. The spiritual arises from the imagination, elbow grease, and wonder that comes from transforming stone into figures, pendants, bowls, whatever the stone holds. While emphasis is on hand carving, we will touch on mallet/chisel, embellishment and the traditions from which sculpture arises. All levels are welcome.

Fine Art Photography to Understand Climate Change with Steve Hager, Trent Foltz
G1907212 six nights
As artists and environmentalists, we care deeply about our planet and what is happening to it. Study the art of photography and use the environment, more specifically climate change, to learn about the creative process, what makes great images, and exploring the differences of making versus taking photographs. Context for environmental inspiration will be derived from studying the basics of climate change and how to document such change in the field using photography. The goal is to produce amazing images of the environment while making a
statement about what is really happening to it.

Our Five Basic Birthrights with Sharie Bowman, Marla Durden
G1907219 six nights
To move, to have our voice, to tell our story, to connect with community and to be, this is the stuff of InterPlay, Community-based arts practice deepens our connection to our five basic birthrights. It unlocks crucial resources through the wisdom of the body. Using simple structures and rituals, you’ll move a little, breathe a little, tell a little, enjoy a little stillness and make connections. Learn elegant ideas and practices to enjoy a more embodied, resilient and free life, for yourself and community.

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