March 1 - 30, 2019

Noel Anderson: Broken Boundaries

Taos: Magpie at Overland Ranch
Noel Anderson: Broken Boundaries

Noel Anderson: Broken Boundaries

In a recent artist statement, Anderson says,
“The upcoming show, Broken Boundaries, is a retrospective display of my artwork for the last twenty years. Consisting of a wide range of mediums, materials, and forms, it is a representation of all the venues I've explored in the art world, and my visual evolution of the past two decades. This includes a collection of framed leather assemblages, mixed-media art, carved and spindled wooden sculptural pieces, suspended "gravity" installations using folded books, beads, seashells and t-shirt strips, just to name a few.
For the past few years, I have been exploring form outside of the box, so to speak. I like to experiment, trying out new things and expanding outward with new ideas.  Although my work has pattern, method and repetition, it is met with randomness, the spontaneous and free-flow of the moment. Despite the apparent physicality, the form and the very real density of my work, I have allowed a much more dreamy and unpredictable aspect to emerge, which has been fun. Like a good balance between play and hard work, it's masculine and feminine at the same time and the pieces themselves, I think, reflect that.                                                                                 

My palette is wide, my experiences and skill sets are many. Being able to integrate and 'use it all' is very satisfying to the soul. Creating has always been a part of me, who I am. I am grateful to have found a 'something' that I love to do. I truly believe everybody should have a 'something'.”
Noël Anderson 2019

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