June 9 - 23, 2019

The Taos Experience: Bren Price Watermedia Workshop

Taos: Touchstone Inn , 14-day retreat
The Taos Experience: Bren Price Watermedia Workshop

The Full Experience is 14 Nights Lodging, 6 Days of Drawing And 6 Days of Painting, or one can take just the Travel and Drawing week, or just the Painting week.

There are two dates for the workshops, March and June, and four options, see URL.

The First Week, we will be Traveling, Exploring, and Drawing. The Second week we will Paint those Drawings, or you may use your Photos if you cannot attend the first week, Photos will be provided as well. Arrive on Sunday and gather for Complimentary Dinner at Touchstone with other Participants; Depart on Sunday or have a free day while Second Week Participants Arrive, and All join for Complimentary Dinner at the Inn, Depart on Sunday.

Rates depend on length od stay and single vs double occupancy. See all.

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