October 13, 2018

Fashion Show: YVNG HAG

Arroyo Seco: Parse Seco, 6-10:00pm
Fashion Show: YVNG HAG

Parse Seco and Kizza Lilitu present: Yvng Hag Fall fashion show in celebration of the Wild Womxn & season of the Crone A tribute to the coming Witches new year.

On Sat. Oct. 13th, artist in residence Kizza Lilitu presents her line of handmade masks. Enter the quilted womb and explore these handwoven, one of a kind expressions of the wild spirit assembled throughout the last month of Lilitu’s residency. Costumes are encouraged. Come dressed up, or buy a unique, one of a kind mask to wear during the party. Expect characters roaming the catwalk in handmade masks and accessories, strange and enchanting puppets, and live music by New Orleans artist Josh Cvlt. The night’s festivities will culminate in a monster mash fit for all hallows’.

For New Orleans based artist Kizza Lilitu, intuitive handcrafting is not only a symbol of divine feminine creation, but also one of personal power and proficiency. Self-taught from a young age, her methods have become second-nature. She has perfected the old-fashioned craft techniques of crochet, quilting, macrame and sewing and reapplies them in a contemporary art context. Her wall-hangings and installations of fabric and yarn create immersive, soft, womb-like environments for viewers to explore and find comfort within. Through an intuitive meditative process of construction with her hands, Kizza honors a lore which speaks directly to the shifting seasons of the soul and engages the feminine spirit.

See more of her work at https://www.kizzalilitu.com

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