September 21 - 30, 2018

Pressing On 8

Taos: The Stables Gallery, 10:00 - 5:00pm daily
Pressing On 8

Pressing On which is holding its eighth annual exhibition of handmade prints in conjunction with the Taos Fall Arts Festival. Participating in this year’s show are 16 local printmakers, producing imagery as varied and diverse as the backgrounds from which they have emerged. The artwork for the show will be presented in an unframed format, and will be on display from Friday, September 21 through Sunday, September 30, with an opening reception on Friday 9/21 from 5pm to 7pm.

Pressing On will once again conduct a free printmaking workshop for any interested parties, on Saturday, September 22 from 11am to 4pm. Several artists from the show will be present to demonstrate techniques and guide members of the public who are interested in a firsthand experience of printmaking. Children and adults are all welcome to view and take part in these presentations.

This year’s 16 printmakers are: Abby Salsbury, Fatima Rigsby, Joy Purcell, Betsy Peirce, Stephanie Moller, TJ Mabrey, Brian Bari Long, Jennifer Lindsley, Juanita Lavadie, Lawrence J. Herrera, Allen Griffith, Cat de Brito, Gary Cook, Jane Ellen Burke, Dwarka Bonner, and Asa Benson-Core.

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