June 2 - 24, 2018

O'Keeffe Country X2

Taos: Wilder Nightingale & The Ranch at Taos

Two Galleries: Wilder Nightingale Fine Art and The Ranch at Taos present: " O'Keeffe Country X 2 " Saturday, June 2nd. 4-7pm Open to the public; no charge. Show runs to June 24th. 119 Kit Carson Road.

Jim Barker (Wilder Nightingale) and Claudette Barker (The Ranch at Taos) will both be on hand with new works in oil and watercolor of Northern New Mexico, particularly O'Keeffe country. Jim and Claudette have lived, have been coming to Taos, moved away and have come back many many times. It's just a matter of time before they bite the bullet and make that permanent decision to stay in Taos.

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