July 3 - 30, 2018

Bill Gersh

Taos: Magpie at Overland Compound
Bill Gersh

This upcoming show features some of the strongest work available to date from the Bill Gersh estate. Twenty four years after his death and a week short of what would have been his 75th birthday, we are finally willing to release some treasured work that we were not able to part with before. Gersh made art in a world with wide borders and this show will make available everything from delicate watercolors to large, powerful canvases.

The show will include a special collection from Gersh's early collectors, Larry and Lisa Singer. Larry Singer moved to Taos in 1977 and became fast friends with Gersh and his neighbors at the Magic Tortoise Commune in La Lama. Singer worked as the dentist at the Questa Clinic for a couple of years before returning back East in 1979.

During the early eighties, Gersh lived and worked for a time in New York City. Many of these works went directly from Gersh's studio in New York to the Singer's walls. With nearly 30 pieces in their collection, they are now ready to part with the five pieces to be included in July. It is a rare opportunity to purchase Gersh's early work.

From Larry Singer: “Bill landed in an industrial loft in the midst of the lower West side meat packing district. It was a rough and tumble neighborhood, but Bill held out for survival. Most of my Gersh collection is from this New York period of 1983/84. A favorite spot for me was the Reggae Lounge. I’d visit Bill after a day at the office, check out the pieces he was working on and we’d head over and dance to whatever the reggae DJ was spinning.” Several pieces in the Singer collection were influenced by this comical duo of white Jewish boys dancing in New York.

Included from the Singer collection will be the original Chant mixed media on paper, which was used for the iconic 1982 Taos Poetry Circus poster, an electrifying portrait of Gersh’s good friend, concert pianist Michel Petrucciani, and perhaps the most precious gem, a colored pencil drawing of boxers from 1976.

Pictured: Piano Player by Bill Gersh

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