March 24, 2018

Meet the Artists: Reina and kathleen Smith

Taos: Fechin's Studio at Taos Art Museum
Meet the Artists: Reina and kathleen Smith

Meet the Artists is a free event. Hear the artists discuss their work, ask questions, listen or just relax. Light refreshments, coffee and apple cider will be offered! ?

Reina grew up in Austin Texas and was always encouraged to explore her creative self.  During the mid-1970’s Reina studied art at the Feminist Studio Workshop.  This unique 2-year art program was designed by Judy Chicago. She was encouraged to take emotionally charged personal experiences and direct these feelings into finished works of art. This had a lasting effect on how she approaches making art.  Reina moved to Taos in 1979 and made her home on the edge of a deep canyon with rocky cliffs surrounded by high mesas. “This landscape continues to inspire my work and gives me peace and strength and hope.”

?Kathleen Smith
Kathleen is a longtime resident and artist in Taos.  She has worked extensively with the pastel medium.  She originates from Upstate New York, studied art in college and pastels at the Art Students League in New York City. She has shown her work in numerous galleries around the country.

Currently, Kathleen teaches pastel classes in Taos. “There is a quality of light and a quality of life here that feed the spirit of an artist. It both challenges and nurtures in unexpected ways.  I enjoy how my work has evolved through living in Taos."

Pictured: Kathleen Smith landscape and Reina poppies.

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