Art and Cultural Goings-On in Taos and Northern New Mexico

September 23, 2017

Medicine Paint Live featuring Jay Smiley and Orlando Allison

Taos: Taos Plaza, 7:00am-5:00pm
Medicine Paint Live featuring Jay Smiley and Orlando Allison

For Medicine Paint Jay Smiley and Orlando Allison, music inspires the rhythm of their flow, creating a loose, splattered and drippy dreamscape often compared to organic abstract with an urban wold style. Their work adopts techniques from graffiti graphic design and Native American geometry.

Medicine Paint Live is known to create pieces in less than an hour in front of music lovers while they witness the masterpiece materialize in a quick nonstop fashion. These exciting emerging artists integrate traditional stories and teachings from a time before time into each living canvas of art. Each color represents a different sound wave. Their rainbow style represents abstract dreams through crystal prism.

For The PASEO Party on the Plaza, Dine artist Jay Smiley and Hopi artist Orlando Allison, both showing locally at FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery, will do a live art performance at the Farmers Market on the Saturday morning of the Paseo Party, September 23, 2017. They will paint the fire organ installation by Paseo artists Jamie Vaida and Alvin Session, which will be located at the McCarthy Plaza.

Come by and witness these exciting new artists do their magic!

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