Art and Cultural Goings-On in Taos and Northern New Mexico

September 30 - October 1, 2017

Angel Fire Studio Tour

Angel Fire/Eagle Nest: Throughout Moreno Valley, 9-5:00pm
Angel Fire Studio Tour

2017 Angel Fire Studio Tour
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This tour includes artists in Angel Fire, Black Lake, Taos Canyon, Valle Escondido and Eagle Nest. There will be art for sale, artist workshops, dance classes and music! A map/brochure is available at the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, 3407 Mountain View Blvd. in Angel Fire and Visitor Centers in Taos, Santa Fe, and Raton.

1. Julia Margaret Brigham
Art Quilts, Acrylic, oil, watercolor packed with dynamic images that will make you happy!
41 Hwy 120, Black Lake, NM

2. Susan Peabody
Sterling Silver & Swarovski earrings, beaded necklaces & bracelets
19 Upper Rd., Loggers Ridge, Black Lake, NM

3. Jacqui Binford-Bell Studio & Gallery
Photography, mixed media painting, watercolor, beaded jewelry
11 Llano Vista Rd, Black lake, NM

4. Carla Callahan
Marble Sculpture, Fiber Artist/Weaver
"I find there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."-Vincent Van Gogh
19 Black Lake Terrace, Angel Fire, NM

5. Jo Mixon
Acrylic painting on canvas & furniture, recycled happy art items
31 Broadmoor Way, Angel Fire, NM

6. Danny Stewart
The Finest in Southwest Jewelry
I am a one man shop doing my own jewelry construction, lapidary casting, mold making and setting

7. Kathleen Dello Stritto
Oil, acrylic, watercolor pastel Realistic landscape paintings
48 N. Angel Fire Rd, Angel Fire, NM (H2 Uptown)

7. Suzy Mortiz
Landscapes that capture spiritual intensity by focusing on wide open spaces & clear skies
48 N. Angel Fire Rd, Angel Fire, NM (H2 Uptown) 

8. Ginger Lagasse- Ruby Heaven Jewelry
Original, creative mixed media jewelry to have fun in
52 N. Angel Fire Rd., Angel Fire, NM (The Leaf & Bean)

9. Anna Roth
Woodwork, jewelry, crochet & knitting
10 Boyne Mountain Place, Angel Fire, NM

10. Johnese Turri & Lone Krarup
Everything Pinecone: wreaths made of painted pinecones and other handmade items
40 Halo Pines Terrace, Angel Fire, NM (Wildflower Bed & Breakfast)

11. Diane Peterson Shall We Dance Studio
Dance lessons, workshops, & demonstrations
3456 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire, NM (Flo Wellness Studio)

11. Yvonne Obrien
3456 Mountain View Blvd, Angel Fire, NM (Flo Wellness Studio)

11. David J. Mieras Portrait Photography
3456 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire

12. Ray Renfroe 
Freeform pitch wood sculptures, wood wall art horses & antler heads
30 Trujillo Lane, Angel Fire, NM  (Whatville)

13. Ramona Bagley
Ramona paints the peace and spectacular serenity of NM in landscapes on large and small canvases.
Fria Rd, Angel Fire, NM

14. Carol Rupp
Watercolor, acrylic paintings
Spirit Wind Gallery, 124 Therma Dr., Eagle Nest, NM

14. Melody Perez/ Running Horses Studio
Oil- fine art, Wild Mustangs, Western, Wildlife
Spirit Wind Gallery, 124 Therma Dr., Eagle Nest, NM

15. Marcy Archer/ This Moment In Time Photography
Landscapes, Scenery, Portraits Western dress-up shoots
51 Therma Dr., Eagle Nest, NM

16. Katherine McDermott
Original watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel & Scratchboard
83 Lakeview Pines Rd, Eagle Nest, NM

17. Clara Foshee
Stained Glass Sun Catchers
7 Snow Drive, Valle Escondido, NM

17. Marian Jackson
Expressive & abstract Florals with traditional Taos floral colcha (embroidery) designs
7 Snow Drive, Valle Escondido, NM

18. Kevin & Jo DeKeuster- Enchanted Circle Pottery
Wood fired pottery & Sculpture
26871 E. US Hwy 64, Taos Canyon, NM

19.  Linda Rauch Gallery
Acrylic on canvas & watercolor
26070 Hwy 64, Taos Canyon, NM

19. Rick Hewitt
Metal Sculpture
26070 Hwy 64, Taos Canyon, NM

20. Laurie Phelps
Watercolor and oil paintings, Northern New Mexico imagery, layered colors
26047 E. Hwy 64, Taos Canyon, NM

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