Art and Cultural Goings-On in Taos and Northern New Mexico

June 17 - August 19, 2017

Medicine Paint Collection Art Installation

Taos: FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery
Medicine Paint Collection Art Installation

DREAM WARRIORS; Medicine Paint LIVE Featuring Randy L Barton 6/17 through 8/19

FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery will be hosting its second Medicine Paint Installment with an exciting new exhibition; Dream Warriors Featuring Randy Barton!!!! New Works by Randy L Barton will be accompanying the exhibition in the Galleries Great Room.

*The Artist Reception with Randy L Barton and some of the other accompanying Medicine Paint Artists will be from 3pm-till Saturday June 17th. LIVE PAINTING demonstrations will be taking place throughout the afternoon/evening. Refreshments and visual stimuli will be provided .

Medicine Paint, among other things is a contemporary Native American artist collective that strives to integrate traditional stories & teachings from a time before time into each living canvas of art... Each paint stroke is a word in a prayer... Each color represents a different sound wave... Their rainbow style represents abstract dreams through a crystal. Adopting techniques from graffiti, graphic design & Native American geometry, Medicine Paint is a unique collective that very often incorporates LIVE painting and other performing arts into their exhibitions.

Randy L Barton carries on tradition with his visionary live painting performances fused with his turntable poetry & experimental earth dancing. In 2012 the birth of “The Sacred Cypher” event/performance emerged which was the beginning of a lifelong project that encompasses the deep soulful sounds of his epic & eclectic DJ sets performed with indigenous instruments & samples. As a multi-disciplined artist, designer, dancer, DJ, live performance painter & music producer, Randy utilizes 15 years experience to entertain crowds of all genres. Year round you can expect Randy L Barton, aka Randy Boogie, the Future Primitive Dream Warrior, to be raising the vibration and uplifting your spirits to new dimensions of spirituality utilizing Neo Contemporary Native Arts as a vehicle to promote healing & consciousness.

Jay Smiley grew up in Kayenta, Arizona in very artistic and musical family, having older siblings that also painted, sang, danced, and helped serve their community. In addition to two-dimensional art, Jay dabbled in the four elements of 'Hip Hop; Graffiti, Bboying, EMceeing, and Djing. Jay was especially drawn to the 2D art aspect of 'Hip Hop; Graffiti. It was then Jay began to familiarize himself with letters shapes and color - picking up a spray can and actually “Getting’ Up” and producing. In 2012 Jay moved back to Navajo, NM to his family roots, and decided to become an artist full-time. Later that year Jay entered his first pieces at the annual Nizhoni Arts Market held in Window Rock during the Navajo Nation Fair. This opened doors for him to give back once again to his community of Pinon, AZ. and teach Art to at-risk/low-income students.

Patrick Cloud Face Burnham, has been an active creator in both the indigenous hip hop scene as well as the painting and dancing art worlds. One of the original founders of 'Foundations of Freedom', a collective involving a number of rising stars in the street art, dance and music fields, Cloud Face has made a name for himself. His early life won him awards from the Heard Museum as a watercolor artist, and then went on to do live painting on a regular basis for both local events and large scale concerts. He divides his time between his dance studio in Gallup, New Mexico, several Albuquerque/Santa Fe venues, and select galleries in Phoenix, Arizona.

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