August 18 - 19, 2018

Questa Studio Arts Tour

Questa: various locations around Questa, 10-5:00pm
Questa Studio Arts Tour

This is the first of the season’s art tours in northern New Mexico. Artists from Questa and the surrounding communities open their studio or gather at hubs to share their talent and offer unique, hand-crafted works for sale. From hand-carved bultos to exquisite jewelry, stunning photography to paintings to pottery and more. Add a hike in the national monument or a drive around the Enchanted Circle, and your day will be unforgettable. Along highway 522, highway 38, and beyond, Questa; FREE.

Barrie Andrews - Printmaking
Nina Anthony - Digital Media
Ruth Archuleta - Quilting
Evelyn Coggings - Refurbished Furniture
Mike Colemen - Photography & Leatherwork
Karen Castillo - Pottery
Diane DeFremery-Mixed Media
Rebecca Dennis-Beaded Jewelry
Jean Frey - Prints/Paintings
Roger Harrington - Paintings & Jewelry
Sandra Harrington - Pottery
Mat Hipster-WoodWorking
Lynnette Haozous- Muralist
Elizabeth Huddle - Embroidered Quilting
Kathryn Hayden-Photography
Betsy Irwin - Painted Gourds
Andy Jaramillo- Burl Bowls
Audrey Kunkel- Jewelry
Clarence La Come - Folk Carving
Lou McCall- Inkwork
Maria Mikhailas-Painting
Mary Miller - Paintings
Kathy Morsell-Pottery
Cynthia RaelVigil- Quilting/Crafts
Mose Rainault - Furniture
Betty Richter-Painting
Mike Ridder - Pottery
Erin Plaster- Screened Printed Furniture
Betsy Peirce - Printmaking
Questa Quilters Guild
Serenity-Iconic Arts
Questa Stained Glass Studio
Martha Shepp - Digital Images, Mixed Media
William Scott - Cigar Box Guitars
Torre Strong - Leather Work
Delores Tafoya - Carved Paintings
Peggy Trigg - Landscapes & Abstract Paintings
Belinda Trujillo - Quilting
Kat Watson - Prayer Flags & Dolls
Armando Vigil - Woodworker

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