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April 1, 2017

Opening of Bill Gersh: Caravan, unframed works on paper

Taos: Magpie at Overland Ranch, 5-7:00pm
Opening of Bill Gersh: Caravan, unframed works on paper

March 15th-April 15th Reception April 1st, 5-7pm

As promised, each April magpie will release a “new” collection from the Bill Gersh estate. This year magpie will be celebrating our third anniversary with a show of works on paper. There will be over twenty pieces, mostly never before shown. Along with one of a kind prints and Gersh’s suite of Caravan linocuts, the show will include some very special miniatures and paint on paper. All of the work will be unframed which allows for an intimate interaction. While still incredibly strong and expressive, this body of work represents a softer and more subtle side of Gersh than his paintings on canvas.

Gersh was known for being very prolific and his body of work on paper is a good example of that productivity. During the mid to late 80s he participated in the monothon in Santa Fe; an annual event benefiting the Art department at the College of Santa Fe where artists would come from all over to focus on printing. Gersh’s daughter, Rachel remembers that “when he would come down to Santa Fe for the monothon, there was an electric energy to the day. He really thrived on the adrenaline of making art with other artists and the guys who ran the press, with monothon sponsors dropping in. He’d always say he had to produce as much as art as possible in the time he had, and if he didn’t like the way it came out he could always paint over it. It was important to him to not be afraid of error, imperfection or risk in his art making.”

He also did a fair amount of printing at Graphic Impressions in Taos with Michael Vigil on beautiful handmade paper by Beau Haworth, who recently passed. Many of these prints will be available.

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