January 20, 2017

We Go High: Alternative Inauguration Day Gathering

Taos: Taos Plaza, 10:00am - Noon
We Go High: Alternative Inauguration Day Gathering

Love-in. Human Be-in. Occupy Taos Plaza!

Turn off the TV, take an early lunch break, and join your neighbors on the Plaza while the inauguration happens in DC.

Emcee'd by Ted Wiard (Golden Willow Retreat Center)
Participatory art making with Terrie Mangat
Scheduled readings, prayers and commentary by:

  • Ted Wiard
  • Jill Cline
  • Mirabai Starr
  • Open Heart Sangha, Barbara Zaring & Steve Rose
  • Frank Oatman
  • Gaia Mika
  • Dreamtree residents
  • Miles Bonny, Taos Alive
  • Linda Fair
  • Chris Lujan
  • Pueblo jingle dancers
  • Diana Rico
  • Taos Academy singers withJimmy Stadler
  • Barb Scott
  • Jean Stevens
  • Don Peters
  • Deb Munroe
  • Cristy Holden

Bring your vision for the next four years. Bring an artwork or a poem.

To participate in the programming call 575-770-6392.

Pictured below: Artist Terrie Mangat in her studio preparing We Go High, a participatory art piece for inauguration day on Taos Plaza. She'll be using fabric and wire to construct a community statement about the country under the next administration. Right: Event poster (Print as PDF)



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