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June 4, 2016

Artists Reception: "Images Near and Far"

Taos: Taos Artist Collective, 4-7:00pm
Artists Reception: "Images Near and Far"

“Images Near & Far”

Taos Artist Collective will host a reception for our annual June photographic festival, “Images Near & Far,” on Saturday, June 4, from 4:00-7:00 showcasing the photography of Marcus Best, Dan Jacobs, Jeremy G. Landau, and Heather Ross.

These photographers have each taken up particular themes for the work in this group show.

Marcus Best grew up in Snyder, Texas. In his youth his family would pile into the Good Times van and hit the road for weeks, escaping the 110° Texas heat: Vermont, Florida, Wyoming, Northern California and all in between. When he was fourteen he spent a summer in Germany on an exchange program, and since then he’s been hooked on travel. “I worked in Nicaragua as a carpenter for over a year and slowly made my way to Taos, where I’ve lived for almost fifteen years,” said Marcus. “I started taking photos mainly to remind myself where I’ve been, and for me, each photo is like a page from my travel journal.” Marcus will be showing Black & White images in this show. His work can be seen at

Dan Jacobs has had a lifelong interest in photography, beginning with his first show of travel photography in college. He has spent extensive time photographing in the Taos area, in the bayous of coastal Texas, and in the San Juan Islands and Appalachia. “My passion for backpacking, sea kayaking, and wilderness lend themselves to my passion for photography. Although many of my photographs are of landscapes and nature, I am more interested in capturing the artistic elements of texture, form, color, harmony, and space inherent in a scene than in the subject of the scene itself, ” said Dan Jacobs. His perspective will be in black & white and color images. His work may be seen at

Jeremy G. Landau has been a fine arts/landscape photographer since the early 1990’s. He has photographed and shown internationally for over a decade and his photography from North Africa represents one of his most recent journeys. “This photography highlights the diversity of Moroccan culture, from people and places and to vocations of everyday individuals,” said Jeremy Landau. Jeremy’s images in this show will feature “Le Maroc.” Color & Sepia images from his recent travels in the region. His books will also be available at the gallery. Jeremy’s work can be seen at

Heather Ross is a photography-based artist residing in Taos, New Mexico, using multiple lenses, long exposures, and photo-transfer processes to create surreal and dream like photographic images. Her work in this show explores mirages and other psychological and optical illusions that sometimes occur in the perception of Southwestern landscapes. “These landscapes serve as a form of visual poetry for the idea of a parallel universe that is both clear and distorted, wonderful and strange,” said Heather Ross. This series features photo transfers on glass and photo transfers on fabric with embroidery of surreal desert landscapes. Her work can be seen at

The photography will be on display through June 30th, 2016. The gallery is located on Paseo de Pueblo Norte just north of Taos Plaza.

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