March 18, 2018

Sight Unseen Exhibit and Sale

Taos: TCA's Stables Gallery, 4:00-5:30pm
Sight Unseen Exhibit and Sale

By popular request the Taos Center for the Arts is hosting its sixth  and last annual Sight Unseen on Sunday March 18th. Sight Unseen is a fun fundraiser shrouded in mystery. This year approximately 100 6” x 8” works of art created by recognized and beloved Taos artists will be for sale for $135 each. The mystery is no one will know who created the work of art until the piece is purchased. All works are signed on the back, thus “Sight Unseen.”

New this year is Last Chance to Win. Behind randomly selected works of art there will be gift prizes such as 2018/19 opera passes, night at the ski valley etc. Thus, everyone who purchases a work of art will also have a "Chance to Win".

Each year Sight Unseen artists pour their heart, soul, and creative talents in creating little gems. Many play with new ideas, media, and techniques, thus works may or may not be easily recognizable. Collectors choose with their heart as they see the piece that captures their eye. Whether chosen for the story the piece tells, for the craftsmanship, for pure aesthetics, or all such reasons; one thing is for sure, this is a rare opportunity to own a Taos original.

The art will be exhibited in the Stables Gallery, but not seen until the designated hour of 5pm when doors will open for viewing and purchase. Organizers take many measures to keep the work unseen including papering the windows of the Stables so no one can peak inside prior to the event. Entrance to the Stables will be by a numbered pass, which is available during the preceding reception that begins at 4pm in the Encore Gallery. It is recommended to come early to not only secure your pass, but to also enjoy a pre-event reception and cash bar.

To see works created by 2017 Sight Unseen Artists visit

2018 Sight Unseen Artists as of 2/23/18 are:

Nora Anthony
Larry Audette
Laurie Celine Balliett
Susan Barnett
Mary Barnes
Barbara Barrett
Larry Bell
Netta Ben-Attar
Alexandra Benjamin
Suzanne Betz
Dwarka Bonner
Kathleen Brennan
Hank Brusselback
Judy Buffaloe
Kathleen Burg
Jane Burke
Ria Burnett
Adeana Carlyle
Mimi Chen Ting
Art Clark
Gary Cook
Bob Cooley
Ron Cooper
Sabine Core
Anna Bush Crews
Patti Day
Catherine V. de Brito
Dora Dillistone
Mary Dolittle
Jan Dorris
Donna Dufresne
Carol Farmer
Janie Farmer
Marsha Fawns
Kathleen Ferguson Huntington
Bob Fitch
Reta Fitch
Meredith Garcia
Georgia Gersh
Sharyn Gontram
Sally Gray
Sara Jean Gray
Eugene Gray
Leigh Gusterson
Jan Haller
Kathryn Hayden
Lawrence J. Herrera
Dirk Herrman
Lucy Herrman
Judith Hetem
Barbara Huckaby
Peggy Immel
Steve Immel
Lynda Jasper- Vogel
Randall LaGro
Sandra Lerner
Jennifer Lindsley
Brian Long
Gloria Longval
TJ Mabrey
Harley Manhart
Desiree Manville
Nicki Marx
Margaret Mathis
Deborah McLean
Mary Moegenburg
Ginger Mongiello
Carol Morgan-Eagle
Annie Morningstar
Tera Muskrat
Marcia Oliver
Victoria Park
Bob Parker
Betsy Peirce
Joy Purcell
Rima Ralph
Marge Reading
Sang Roberson
Rozalind Rosen
Abby Salsbury
Hank Saxe
John Schrup
Diane Scott
Brian Shields
Ben Shriver
Charlotte Shroyer
Brian Skinner
Robbie Steinbach
Jean Stevens
Mary Stratton
David Gary Suazo
Matt Thomas
Maye Torres
Tracy Turner-Sheppard
Paula Verona
Sasha vom Dorp
Jim Wagner
Jameson Wells
Abbie Williams
Joyce Wimer
Katie Woodall
Jinx Wright
Barbara Zaring
Zoë Zimmerman

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